Conference venue: Hotel La Tonnara
Address: Via La Tonnara, 13. 87032 Amantea (CS)


As the Hotel is far away from the city center and no other hotels/shops/restaurants are near (walking distance), we contracted with the Hotel two lodging packages at a very convenient rate (please consider that September is still summer season in Calabria).

Package A) Check-in 21st and Check-out 24th:
      • Single Room (double bed): €270.00
      • Double Room: €460.00 (€230.00 per person)
Package B) Check-in 22nd and Check-out 24th:
      • Single Room (double bed): €200.00
      • Double Room: €330.00 (€165.00 per person)
Other) please Fill the Hotel Reservation Form below to request the Special Rate
with your check-in and check-out dates different from Package A and Package B
(we inform you about the Special Rate as soon as possible):  

Such packages include:
  1. transfer from/to Lamezia Terme airport (22Km) / railway station (25Km)
  2. breakfasts and meals (lunch and dinner)
  3. facilities: beach, pool, gym, tennis court, bicycle, air conditioning, free wifi throughout the hotel.

For your booking, please fill the *** Hotel Reservation Form *** and send it to

For any exception related to the check-in/check-out dates of the above packages please fill the form with your request and we will mediate with the Hotel to provide you with the best rate.

To organize your pick-up at the airport or at the railway station of Lamezia Terme, please send an email to the Hotel ( ) and cc to us (

We fully discourage to lodge elsewhere as no hotels are close to the Conference Hotel and you would need to rent a car at the Lamezia Terme Airport to move around as public transportation doesn't serve the Conference area.

Note: Special rates are available for accompanying people not participating in the conference.